Next Generation Loyalty Rewards Program

Again's Loyalty Rewards Program rewards consumers 5% back on all purchases.

Again Token

Again Token is essentially a utility token that can be used to make purchases. Each time a user makes a purchase with Again Token, they receive 5% of Tokens back in their account.

This essentially means that wherever the Again Token is accepted as a form of payment, you will receive a 5% discount on all your purchases.

Get involved, be part of the community

Be part of an active community of early adopters focused on building the future.

5% Rewards

Earn 5% Reward on all purchases.

Reward Encashment

Encash your rewards instantly.

Zero Transaction Fees

Conduct transactions with no fees.

Instant Transaction

Pay instantly anywhere in the world.

Financial System


Sign up for the "Official" Again Wallet to deposit, send, receive and/or exchanged Again Tokens. Rewards earned are instantly applied into the Again Wallet.


Then Again Wallet boasts an internal exchange where user can exchange Again Tokens between 7 subborted Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, DaiCoin or DogeCoin) with ZERO fees and INSTANT transaction time.

Payment Process

At Again We have integrated a Payment Gateway into the Again Financial System that enables individuals and/or businesses to accept payment in Again Token instantly with zero fees.

The Again Ecosystem

Available on Exchanges

Spend Again Token

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